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Miami Valley Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist in Dayton, Springfield, Centerville and Vandalia, OH (Ohio)
Miami Valley Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist in Dayton, Springfield, Centerville and Vandalia, OH (Ohio)

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


Excess fat and flabby skin around the middle is something men and women struggle with equally. A tummy tuck performed here at Miami Valley Plastic Surgeons can help those in and around the Dayton, OH, area obtain a flatter midsection.


A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure that firms and tightens skin and muscles in the abdominal region. Often referred to as abdominoplasty, it may sometimes be performed to pull muscles that have separated, due to a hernia or other condition, back together again.

The abdominals are one muscle group that is exceedingly difficult to firm and tone through diet and exercise. Many people find that their abs are loose and sagging regardless of the number of sit-ups or crunches they perform. A tummy tuck can often do what exercise and weight loss alone cannot, which is providing a flatter midsection and eliminating loose, sagging skin. In the end, this helps people restore their self-confidence and feel good about themselves again.

Although abdominoplasty provides results where exercise often fails, it is intended for those who are in fairly good physical shape. As such, the best candidates for a tummy tuck are those who have tried to meet their goal of a flatter stomach through working out, yet have been unsuccessful. Anyone who is considering a tummy tuck should also not be significantly overweight, although carrying a few extra pounds is not a problem.

Prior to a tummy tuck, you should:

You will receive general or local anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable. While in the surgery room, your abdomen will be draped with a curtain. As such, you will not be able to see the surgeon at work, although you may feel some movement around your midsection. Once the procedure is finished, your wounds will be closed with sutures, and a drainage tube will be added if necessary. The final step involves a compression bandage, which provides support and should be worn continuously until after your follow-up appointment.

The average person spends around two hours inside the operating room and about an hour or so in recovery.

You may notice some light bruising, swelling, or redness at or near your incision area. You can manage your discomfort with hot/cold therapy or over-the-counter medication. If the surgeon has placed a drainage tube, you must take care not to get it wet until it is removed during your follow-up appointment.

There may be a visible scar around the belly button, or one below the belly button and above the pubic mound. Our surgeons consider the placement of these scars very carefully, ensuring that any incisions made around the belly button conform to the natural contours of your naval and that horizontal scars are placed as low as possible so as to be hidden by your underwear or a bikini.

You will immediately notice considerably less flab after a tummy tuck, but it will take a couple of weeks or so for you to fully appreciate your new, flatter midsection.

A tummy tuck provides long-lasting results that are not always permanent. You can maintain your results for longer if you continue leading a healthy lifestyle through a sensible diet and regular exercise.

After undergoing a tummy tuck, you may want to consider one of these other procedures to help you firm and tone other problem areas:

Because you may have different needs than any other patient, we will not be able to discuss the exact cost with you until after your consultation. Cash, personal checks, and credit cards are always accepted for any of the procedures we offer, and many of our patients will also qualify for low-interest financing.

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We offer Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) treatments and procedures to residents of the following areas: Dayton, Springfield, Centerville and Vandalia, OH (Ohio). Although our offices are are located in Dayton, Springfield, Centerville, and Vandalia, Ohio, we regularly serve patients located anywhere in the greater Miami Valley area who need a doctor for medical care related to Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty).

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