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Miami Valley Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist in Dayton, Springfield, Centerville and Vandalia, OH (Ohio)
Miami Valley Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist in Dayton, Springfield, Centerville and Vandalia, OH (Ohio)

Tattoo Removal


You do not have to continue to live with a decision you made years ago! If you are no longer happy with your tattoo or have outgrown the very idea of having one, the doctors at Miami Valley Plastic Surgery can help. Dr. Frank V. Troha, Dr. Thaddeus P. O’Neill, and Nichole R. Gill PA-C specialize in a wide variety of aesthetic services including tattoo removal. Our office serves the residents of Dayton, Centerville, Troy, Beavercreek, and other nearby locations in Ohio at Miami Valley Plastic Surgeons.


The tattoo removal procedure is performed right in the comfort of our office and is often performed by either, board-certified plastic and hand surgeon, Dr. Frank Troha, Dr. Thaddeus O’Neill, or physician assistant, Nichole R. Gill. We encourage you to call Miami Valley Plastic Surgeons to discuss your concerns with our helpful staff.

If you are a man or woman that is regretting your decision to get a tattoo, then we can help. Although tattoos are a form of self-expression for millions of people, not everyone will love their body art forever. If you are in this situation, laser tattoo removal could be a solution for you. Depending on the size, colors, and depth of the ink, more than one treatment may be needed. You can discuss this with Dr. Troha, Dr. O’Neill, or Nichole Gill PA-C, during your consultation.

No anesthesia necessary, a topical numbing treatment can be applied to help minimize any discomfort. You may experience minor irritation or itchiness for several days after the procedure, this is normal, and can be alleviated with an antibiotic or cortisone cream.

At Miami Valley Plastic Surgeons, we use the Erbium laser for tattoo removal. The fractionated Erbium laser is one of the most popular lasers. There is minimal downtime with this laser treatment. We find that it yields excellent results, not only for tattoo removal but for a number of other skin treatments such as skin tightening, acne scars, pigment removal and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The Erbium laser is safe for most patients regardless of your skin type.

The Erbium uses fractional resurfacing technology, where portions of the skin receive the laser light during treatment that breaks down the ink in the skin. Depending on the tattoo you may need to receive three to five treatments spaced apart by three to five weeks. Each of these treatments delivers a series of microscopic laser bursts which obliterate the ink of the tattoo while preserving the areas of unaffected, healthy skin. The healthy cells in the untouched spots promote rapid healing of the entire area, resulting in faster recovery time and minimal side effects. During your consultation, Dr. Troha, Dr. O’Neill, or Nichole Gill PA-C, will discuss your unique treatment schedule and inform you of what to expect after the procedure is completed.

Tattoo removal is non-invasive and requires minimal downtime. Your skin’s healing time usually three to four days of light skin peeling and mild redness. It is most important to avoid any sun exposure before and after any treatments. Proper before and after care will result in softer, smoother, brighter and healthier skin without an uncomfortable healing period.

Because every tattoo that we work on is different in size, color, and depth of the ink, we will not be able to discuss the exact cost with you until after your consultation. Cash, personal checks, and credit cards are always accepted for any of the procedures we offer, and many of our patients will also qualify for low-interest financing.

Areas We Serve

We offer Tattoo Removal treatments and procedures to residents of the following areas: Dayton, Springfield, Centerville and Vandalia, OH (Ohio). Although our offices are are located in Dayton, Springfield, Centerville, and Vandalia, Ohio, we regularly serve patients located anywhere in the greater Miami Valley area who need a doctor for medical care related to Tattoo Removal.

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